iOS 14 SplitViewController

With iOS 14 we can now have three columns to display primary list , supplementary and the detail controller. Prior to iOS 14 we just had two controllers, primary and the secondary controller.

With iOS we can define three controllers which are displayed separated by a sidebar.

i.e Primary controller + edge + Supplementary controller + edge + Secondary controller.

The controller is initialized with a style as .tripleColumn.

ex: UISplitViewController(style: .tripleColumn)

It also provides different display modes like twoBesideSecondary, oneBesideSecondary, etc. The code demo is with twoBesideSecondary, which will show primary , supplementary controllers along with secondary controller. Secondary controller is interacting , so we can use swipe gesture to hide the primary controller and give more space to the secondary controller content.

The Git project has the required code to use the new style of UISplitViewController with iOS 14 and also it supports for iOS 14 or earlier, where we won’t have supplementary controller but the design is handled by showing section(represents priamry controller data) and row content(represents supplementary data).

SplitViewController GitHub